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Our History


In the spring of 1983, Star Brite Cleaners founders, Andy Kocher and Kelly Blake were students at Midwestern State University. Both were enrolled in an entrepreneurship class in dire need of a class project by midterm. When no other ideas seemed viable, they decided on a dry-cleaning business. After several months of hard work, resulting in the instructor giving them only a B in the class, (Admittedly, too much time was spent at fraternity parties) they decided to go ahead with their dream of owning their own business. That next fall, at the ripe age of 23, they opened their first store in Wichita Falls on October 1, 1983. Originally, they started as a National Dry Cleaning franchise. Later, they left the franchise and changed the name to Star Brite Cleaners.

A lot has changed since 1983. In 2003, Andy and Kelly sold the original five stores in Wichita Falls and have since opened five more stores in Austin, Texas. Since 2006, they have opened two more locations in Wichita Falls, Texas. Star Brite now sells its own franchise stores. There are now six additional franchisee stores located in Texas. Four additional locations in Austin and two locations in New Braunfels. After all of the changes, the Star Brite philosophy has remained the same. “Treat each customer as we would want to be treated and do the best job possible.” Anyone can be mediocre, but to us, it’s all about service and quality work at a fair price. All Star Brite locations are individually owned.

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